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'Instrumental Choice' for Liszt disc

Cédric's recent Hyperion disc "Liszt: Années de pèlerinage, troisième année & other late piano works" has been named 'Instrumental Choice' of the month in BBC Music Magazine, as well as being awarded 5 stars for performance and recording.

Natasha Loges says of the disc:

"Tiberghien's quasi-improvisatory approach works marvellously with works which would otherwise risk sounding directionless and self-indulgent. His range is breathtaking, carefully terraces even in the thickest of textures, never harsh, abrupt, metronomic or bombastic, even when rumbling in the murkiest depths of the piano's range."

Other praise of the disc includes :

"Tiberghien is once again consummately subtle, and he misses no opportunity for virtuoso display where the opportunity arises - as in the Bagatelle sans tonalité and the fourth Mephisto Waltz. Generously filled and beautifully recorded..."

"Tiberghien never flaunts his total command of those [technical] challenges and with an exemplary range of touch and keyboard colour, concentrates instead on these pieces purely as musical statements."

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